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An earlier post here suggested far more troubling information about Ahmed not be overlooked in the Farha Ahmed/Lady Al-Qaeda discussion as Sugar Land voters evaluate candidates for a seat on their City Council.

Misleading information put out by Ahmed in response to a controversial flier about her Lady Al-Qaeda connections should be pointed out.

Then focus should shift to her more troubling connections to Islamist groups.

Responding in statements to the press last week, Farha Ahmed feebly spun her linkage to Aaifa Siddiqui aka Lady Al-Qaeda as a misunderstanding by others based on her pro-bono work some years ago on a case of missing children.

Interesting that Ahmed brought up an unnamed, seemingly unconnected case from several years ago, and then asked voters not to delve deeper as to why her mentioning of it now means there is no connection between her and Lady Al-Qadea.


Many will recognize Farha’s “Move right along, nothing to see here” technique as similar to that often employed by disingenuous politicians eager to throw truth-seekers off track.

Lazy reporters in Houston/Fort Bend/Sugar Land played their role as useful idiots perfectly, swallowing this distraction hook, line and sinker

Well sorry Farha, but having already drilled a little deeper into this story, (as reporters should have done) even more information comes to light that strongly connects Farha Ahmed to Lady Al-Qaeda

Sugar Land voters may be interested to learn that during her arrest and trial, it was alleged that Siddiqui’s American born children went missing in Pakistan, allegedly kidnapped in 2003, but were since found.

Whether this specific case is what Farha refers to as the reason why she thinks people would connect her (or not) to Lady Al-Qaeda cant be determined, as she didnt say.

But she didnt not say either.

What definitely does connect Farha Ahmed, a Texas Attorney to Aaifa Siddiqui is  Siddiqui’s hand written letter specifically naming Farha Ahmed of Texas as her sole attorney. This letter is a public record, and Farha Ahmed’s name can be clearly seen on a Houston television “news” report.

Quite why KHOU-TV & Dave Fehling, Lesley Wise at the Houston Chronicle & Jamie Mock at FortBendNow chose to ignore this aspect of the story is unclear. Were they to have pulled on those very visible threads, a story would have unfolded for them that disclosed Ahmed’s strong connections to Lady Al-Qadea leading them directly to Ahmed’s association with Islamist groups.

If Farha Ahmed, Attorney of Sugar Land Texas, candidate for a seat on Sugar Land City Council is not THE Texas attorney Siddiqui refers to in her hand written appointment notice, will the real Texas attorney appointed by Siddiqui and also named Farha Ahmed please stand up.

What, no one else standing ????? –  – didnt think so

So, questions Sugar Land voters could be asking themselves as they research the allegations contained in this flier and Ahmed’s responses to it

Have Ahmed’s comments about being unable to practice law anywhere other than Texas answered the question in the controversial flier: What connection does Siddiqui (a Texas resident)  have to Ahmed (an attorney Licensed in the State of Texas) that made the now jailed Terrorist choose her as an Attorney ?

Does Farha Ahmed really expect Sugar Land voters to believe that Aaifa Siddiqui threw a dart into the “Attorneys” section of the phone book, and hey, wow, wuddya-look-at-that –  it landed on Texas attorney Farha Ahmed?

Farha Ahmed claims there is a smear campaign against her, but is it really a smear if it’s the truth?

Are voters in Sugar Land being subjected to a classic example of the Islamic doctrine of kitman – telling a half truth to further Islam?


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  2. I would expect her to be at least as honest as Wiener was last week.

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