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Next Meeting – TODAY !!!! Thursday, June 16, 7 PM – Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer in Houston

The Houston Chapter of ACT! for America

and partners:

Texas Constituents’ Tea Party, Hindu Congress,

Fort Bend Tea Party, Crispus Attucks Tea party, Sugar Land Tea Party,

Spirit of Freedom Republican Women’s Club PAC,

We the People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc.,

North Houston and Galveston County ACT! Chapters


Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

and their film: The Ground Zero Mosque

Pamela and Robert will take questions after the film.

Tickets are $20

Contact to purchase: rsvp-at-actforamericahouston.com


2 Responses

  1. Ha! Wish you could be here too!

  2. I wish I could be there! You guys in Houston are the bomb (not the terrorist kind).

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