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Farha Ahmed, an attorney based in Sugar Land Texas is in a run-off election for a seat on Sugar Land City Council.

An earlier post here discusses Ahmed’s apparent appointment as attorney to Aaifa Siddiqui (AKA Lady Al Qaeda).

A more in-depth review of Ahmed discloses her troubling association with individuals and groups designated by the US Department of Justice as Muslim Brotherhood fronts.

The Dallas based Freedom & Justice Foundation here lists “Farha Ahmed, Attorney, Sugar Land Texas” as a member of its advisory council. Other F&J leaders are drawn from the plethora of Alphabet-soup Muslim Brotherhood organizations: CAIR; ISNA; MAS; MSA and others.

(It must be mere coincidence that the Muslim Brotherhood’s recently formed political party in Egypt is called Freedom & Justice)


  • Despite disingenuous objections, the Council on American-Islamic Relations remains an un-indicted co-conspirator in raising funds for banned terror group and genocidal maniacs Hamas, a sister Muslim Brotherhood group.
  • Alongside Farha Ahmed on F&J’s Advisory Council is current CAIR operative Mustaffa Carrol (who denies Hamas is a terrorist organization); and
  • Former CAIR operative and current President of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, Erik “Khalil” Meek, a staunch defender of Hamas. Meek’s involvement with MLFA circles back to Lady Al-Qaeda.
  • CAIR’s founder is on record as stating Islamic Law must replace the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the US.
  • Several of CAIR’s leaders have been jailed or deported for terrorist related offenses.


  • The Islamic Society of North America recently received a severe black eye from the Appeals Court in not being removed from the same un-indicted co-conspirator list as CAIR;
  • ironically at the same time their frivolous appeal was under review a separate legal process was unfolding in Dallas where leadership at ISNA through their own discovery process had no choice but to admit organizational ties to Hamas. Their excuse ? It wasnt illegal at the time the ties were established.


  • The Muslim American Society has at least 3 representatives on the F&J Advisory Council.
  • Marwan Marouf is listed multiple times by the US DoJ for providing funds for a Dallas Charity, the Holy Land Foundation, which was, in fact a fundraising entity for Hamas.
  • MAS’ political division, is led by a convicted felon, terrorist defender and Hamas supporter.

Farha Ahmed’s co-Leaders at F&J includes Khaild Hamideh, a self acknowledged financier of Hamas suicide bombers’ widows and orphans. Another MLFA attorney (see above), he represented Hamas money laundering Elashi Brothers. Hamideh dismisses convictions handed down in the Holy Land Foundation Trial as persecution of Muslims by the US government.

Freedom and Justice Foundation is led by Mohamed Elibiary, who, when confronted by those who criticized him speaking at a Dallas pro-Khomeni rally  – in a nod to Shariah Law, threatened violence.  Elibiary is a follower of Sayyid Qutb, acknowledged as the forefather of Muslim Brotherhood radical ideology. It was Qutb who in his famous work “Milestones” commented that a bridge between Islam and the rest of the world can only exist as a one-way bridge for non-Muslims to come to Islam; advocated hatred towards Jews and Christians and blamed the west, specifically America for all the Muslim world’s ills.

A deeper research of F&J website shows them to be proud of their accomplishments in: outright opposition to the Patriot Act; encouraging the US government removes wording that connects Islam & Jihad from Terrorism; pressuring immigration officials abandon scrutiny of Muslim males aged 18-40 from Muslim; and Dawah (Muslim evangelism).

F & J were the sponsors of a conference in which they presented a disturbing 16 page document on how to engage non-Muslims in America (Dawa) The last three pages of this document are a road map for Muslim Leaders on the art of dispensing to Americans Taqiyya (deception to further Islam) and Kitman (half truths designed to obscure the true militant nature of Islam).

F&J does all of this under the umbrella of “interfaith outreach”, yet their activism follows the same Anti-American pro-Islamist agenda as the previously mentioned Hamas connected CAIR & ISNA, which is hardly surprising considering  F&J’s leadership is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

Bearing in mind the strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA is

“a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions”

and bearing in mind the number of Muslim Brotherhood groups and individuals Farha Ahmed associates with in her capacity as a Leader of this group,

Questions we think Sugar Land voters could be asking themselves are:

– Is Farha Ahmed appointed to the Leadership of this group because she supports – or opposes – the viewpoints and agendas of the other individuals and organizations represented on the F&J board?
– Is Sugar Land being subjected to a Muslim Brotherhood influence operation in its upcoming City Council election run-off ?


5 Responses

  1. […] earlier post here suggested far more troubling information about Ahmed not be overlooked in the Farha Ahmed/Lady Al-Qaeda […]

  2. This is bigotry, pure and simple. Essentially any Muslim who doesn’t outrightly reject his faith is considered a terrorist by your definition. Have you ever spent any time with Muslims? You think they are trying to impose Sharia? 99% of American-Muslims don’t even know what Sharia is. You were the folks who were calling Catholics un-American in the 50s and claiming that they had allegiance to the Pope. Muslims love America and American law. Since you are experts in Sharia, you should know that its basic tenet is order – i.e. obey the laws of the land you are in because disorder and violence are the roots of rage. BTW ironically, everything you have listed as “Shariah” is also in the Old Testament and Bible. Most Christians (most) conveniently ignore those passages now, as do most Muslims. Good for all of us, that is progress.

  3. Are you guys a branch of Fox News? Your characterization of the woman above is misleading and not based in fact.
    I do approve of you “Drop Fox” advertisement and I applaud your support of the American Atheist Community. ANy website supporting the view that all religion is made up is OK by me.
    Keep running Pat Condell, great godless comic.

    • Let me reply in order.
      We are not a branch of Fox News.
      Could you point out anything untrue or unfactual in our piece? Just one thing? We did our homework, and backed up the piece with links which you can check.
      Support of the American Atheist Community- Pat Condell is in the UK. He is an avowed atheist. He is telling the truth about Islam.
      We often run Pat Condell- he is a brave man, willing to speak the truth when others fear to do so. (They fear to speak the truth because Muslims have threatened to kill them if they speak up.)
      Our organization has members from all walks of life- rich and poor, black, white, religious-Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., and unbelievers, liberals and conservatives.
      We oppose the imposition of sharia.
      We value freedom. We don’t care about anyone’s religion. We care if that person is working to implement the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan.

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