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Texas ALAC Traitor Debbie Riddle to Speak Tonight in Spring, Texas

Are you a constituent of Rep. Debbie Riddle and would you like to let her know your displeasure regarding her treacherous vote on the Texas American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) bill? At 7 p.m. tonight she will be speaking at a gathering of constituents at the MUD #24 Harold R. Brick Meeting Facility, 17035 Deer Creek Dr, Spring, Texas 77379 (corner of Oakwood Glen Blvd & Deer Creek Dr., under the blue & yellow water tower off Spring Steubner north of Louetta).

We have received a report that Rep. Debbie Riddle offered an explanations at a public meeting in Houston at the beginning of July for her treacherous vote on the Texas ALAC bill during the 84th Texas Legislative session.

ALAC was developed by top constitutional scholars and has been signed into law in 10 states. Rep. Jeff Leach carefully and conscientiously worked on Texas ALAC for two years, working closely with the legal scholars who developed the law. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office had vetted the bill and was very much in favor. According to Trayce Bradford with Texas Eagle Forum, “ALAC has encountered broad support across the state from numerous grassroots organizations along with a broad coalition of security, constitutional and legal policy organizations. During the 84th Legislative Session, ALAC garnered strong support in the Texas House with over 50 bill Co-Sponsors and was listed as one of the priorities of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s Grassroots Advisory Board.” House and Senate committees had both pass the ALAC bills on to the Calendars Committee.

The moderator asked Riddle to explain her reasons for killing the ALAC bill. Riddle launched into a defensive, combative & unapologetic sermon about being salt & light, not doing the politically expedient or politically correct thing, and about “doing what is right in line with her character” as salt. She said the bill “sounded good on its face,” but she admitted to not having read it when it was first introduced or when she agreed to be a co-sponsor. She said she began receiving calls from unnamed judges & attorneys who warned her there was ambiguity in the language of the statute, specifically the terms public policy, natural justice and good morals. She said her action on the day of the calendars meeting was based on the info she had, the facts she knew & her decision to risk doing the right thing.

Further Rep. Riddle stated that “it takes time to perfect legislation” and that the law would have been challenged in court, “making us look stupid.” She asserted that the claim that 13 states have passed this legislation is “a lie” and that only five have passed it, and the definition of public policy in those statutes were consistent with the U.S. Constitution. She closed her remarks by telling the audience she was the daughter of a Marine who fought on Iwo Jima and who taught her to never back down from a fight “when you know you’re right.”

Each legislator was allotted 10 min to voluntarily answer one question from the moderator, then speak about anything else from the session. Rep. Riddle was the last to speak, and she spent the majority of her allotted time on the ALAC question. At the end of the meeting, one last question was directed at all five of the legislators: “What was the worse bill you killed?” When it was her turn, Rep. Riddle said it was the ALAC bill. She expounded by saying she didn’t oppose the concept and that she would like to see it introduced in the next session “tightened up” so it can “overcome court challenges.” Her two statements of support were almost an after-thought.

As the meeting was drawing to a close, Rep. Riddle addressed the gathering with an anecdote from the 84th legislative session. It does not address the ALAC bill, but is included because it is telling about the way Riddle conducts business and to whom she may have become indebted in those final moments in the Calendar Committee. She recounted how on the last day of Calendars, she cast her vote in favor of a bill she mistakenly thought was pro-life (she did not identify the bill). After she cast her vote, she said she re-read the bill and realized she had made an egregious error, claiming the bill was pro-abortion. She rushed to the Speaker (Straus) and told him she made a mistake and needed to reconsider her vote. She said the Speaker agreed to break the rules, call the legislators back, gather a quorum and the bill was voted on again. Riddle further admitted that this could have put the next day’s calendar at risk if someone had called for a point of order. She praised Speaker Straus and patted herself on the back for killing an abortion bill.

Upon further research, we learned the bill to which she was referring was SB 575, a decidedly pro-life bill, and not a pro-abortion bill as she claimed. The vote in Calendars Committee on this bill was taken immediately before the ALAC bill. Her first vote was Nay, and not Yes, as she claimed in the retelling. Rep. Riddle twisted the facts of these events completely opposite from the true sequence of the events and the nature of the bill.

This anecdote leaves us with the impression Riddle may have been indebted to Speaker Straus for allowing her to recast a vote, one she would not have been able to justify to her pro-life constituents back home. One wonders what concession Speaker Straus extracted to acquiesce to her request? We have it on reliable source that Speaker Straus said that ALAC will not pass as long as he is the Speaker. This account of events begs the question—did ALAC get thrown under the bus so Rep. Riddle could cover her poor performance on a pro-life bill?

This story also highlights that Rep. Riddle does a poor job of reading or understanding the bills she sponsors & votes on. In early March 2015, word had reached constituents that Riddle & Harless (who also voted to kill the bill in the Calendar Committee) were saying the Texas ALAC law was unnecessary—if that was the case, one wonders why they both agreed to be co-sponsors in the first place? Why not rescind their co-sponsorship at that point or bring up objections when there was still time to debate & possibly amend the bill, if needed? Why wait until the last possible moment and kill the bill in such an underhanded & treacherous manner?

Why did she think it appropriate for her to decide she should kill the bill without discussing it with the sponsors? What happened the day of the calendars meeting that caused her to change her vote; who influenced her? She must be aware that this is a women’s rights issue and how does she feel about being personally responsible for ALAC not being law in Texas?

For more on what happened to the Texas ALAC bill, see:



http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/archives/heidi-hansing/ (scroll down to May 26 & listen)

Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga

WATCH: Iran and the Bomb

Heading Toward An EMP Catastrophe

Call your representatives, and insist they take action to protect the electrical grid.


….Consequently, policymakers in the States who are alarmed by the lack of progress in Washington on EMP preparedness, find themselves seriously disadvantaged in efforts to protect their State electric grids by the utilities and their well-funded lobbyists who falsely claim Washington and the utilities are making great progress partnering on the EMP problem.  So far in 2015, State initiatives to protect their electric grids have been defeated by industry lobbyists in Maine, Colorado, and Texas.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall, a former USAF Colonel and himself an EMP expert, characterizes as “equivalent to treason” the behavior of the electric utilities and their lobbyists:

As a Texas State Senator who tried in the 2015 legislative session to get a bill passed to harden the Texas grid against an EMP attack or nature’s GMD, I learned first hand the strong control the electric power company lobby has on elected officials. We did manage to get a weak bill passed in the Senate but the power companies had it killed in the House.  A very deceitful document which was carefully designed to mislead legislators was provided by the power company lobbyist to legislators at a critical moment in the process.  The document was not just misleading, it actually contained false statements.  The EMP/GMD threat is real and it is not “if” but WHEN it will happen.  The responsibility for the catastrophic destruction and wide spread death of Americans which will occur will be on the hands of the executives of the power companies because they know what needs to be done and are refusing to do it.  In my opinion power company executives, by refusing to work with the legislature to protect the electrical grid infrastructure are committing an egregious act that is equivalent to treason.  I know and understand what I am saying.  As a young US Air Force Captain, with a degree in electrical engineering from The Citadel, I was the project officer who lead the Air Force/contractor team which designed, developed and installed the modification to “harden” the Minuteman Strategic missile to protect it from an EMP attack.  The American people must demand that the power company executives that are hiding the truth stop deceiving the people and immediately begin protecting our electrical grid so that life as we know it today will not end when the terrorist EMP attack comes.

Ironically, while electric power lobbyists are fighting against EMP protection in Washington, Texas, Maine, Colorado and elsewhere, the Iranian news agency MEHR recently reported that Iran is violating international sanctions and going full bore to protect itself from a nuclear EMP attack:

Iranian researchers…have built an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) filter that protects country’s vital organizations against cyber attack.  Director of Kosar Information and Communication Technology Institute Saeid Rahimi told MNA correspondent that the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) filter is one of the country’s boycotted products and until now procuring it required considerable costs and various strategies.  “But recently Kosar ICT…has managed to domestically manufacture the EMP filter for the very first time in this country,” said Rahimi.  Noting that the domestic EMP filter has been approved by security authorities, Rahimi added “the EMP filter protects sensitive devices and organizations against electromagnetic pulse and electromagnetic terrorism.”  He also said the domestic EMP filter has been implemented in a number of vital centers in Iran.  (MEHR News Agency, “Iran Builds EMP Filter For 1st Time” June 13, 2015) 

What Is To Be Done?

Congress should address the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA), which requires the Department of Homeland Security to adopt a new National Planning Scenario focused on EMP; to develop plans to protect the critical infrastructures; and for emergency managers and first responders to plan and train to protect and recover the nation from an EMP catastrophe.  CIPA will enable DHS to draw upon the deep expertise within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community to help protect the critical infrastructures from EMP.  Do not let the electric power lobby defeat CIPA or weaken its provisions, as they are presently trying to do. 

Reestablish the Congressional EMP Commission.  The greatest progress was being made when the EMP Commission existed to advance EMP preparedness.  Progress stopped when the EMP Commission terminated in 2008.  Currently, the struggle to advance national EMP preparedness is being carried on by a handful of patriotic individuals and Non-Government Organizations who have no official standing and extremely limited resources.  Bring back the EMP Commission with its deep expertise to advise Congress, government at all levels, and the private sector on how best to protect the nation, and to serve as a watchdog and leader for national EMP preparedness. 

Address the SHIELD Act or the GRID Act to establish adequate regulatory authority within the U.S. Government to achieve timely protection of the electric grid–and watch U.S. FERC like a hawk to make sure that regulatory authority is exercised. 

Include in the National Defense Authorization Act the simple two-sentence provision below, that could rapidly reverse the trend of America’s increasing vulnerability to EMP, by directing the Secretary of Defense to help State governments and the electric utilities protect themselves from an EMP catastrophe: 

Energy Security For Military Bases And Critical Defense Industries

Whereas 99 percent of the electricity used by CONUS military bases is supplied by the national electric grid; whereas the Department of Defense has testified to Congress that DoD cannot project power overseas or perform its homeland security mission without electric power from the national grid; whereas the Congressional EMP Commission warned that up to 9 of 10 Americans could die from starvation and societal collapse from a nationwide blackout lasting one year; therefore the Secretary of Defense is directed to urge governors, state legislators, public utility commissions of the 50 states, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the utilities that supply electricity to CONUS military bases and critical defense industries, to protect the electric grid from a high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, from natural EMP generated by a solar super-storm and from other EMP threats including radiofrequency weapons, and to help the states, NERC, public utilities commissions, and electric utilities by providing DoD expertise on EMP and other such support and resources as may be necessary to protect the national electric grid from natural and manmade EMP threats. The Secretary of Defense is authorized to spend up to $2 billion in FY2017 to help protect the national electric grid from EMP.

Read it all


By Caroline Glick

…As former US federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy argued in National Review last week, by among other things canceling the weapons and missile embargoes on Iran, the six-power deal with Iran went well beyond the scope of the Corker-Cardin law, which dealt only with nuclear sanctions relief. As a consequence, Congress can claim that there is no reason to invoke it.

Rather than invoke Corker-Cardin, Congress can pass a joint resolution determining that the deal with Iran is a treaty and announce that pursuant to the US Constitution, the Senate will schedule a vote on it within 30 days. Alternatively, Congress can condition the Iran deal’s legal stature on the passage of enabling legislation – that requires simple majorities in both houses.

Dan Darling, foreign policy adviser to Republican Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul wrote Monday that senators can use Senate procedure to force the Foreign Relations Committee to act in this manner. Darling argued that House Speaker John Boehner can either refuse to consider the deal since it is a treaty, or insist on passing enabling legislation under normal legislative procedures.

Monday Netanyahu explained that by keeping US sanctions in force, Congress can limit Iran’s capacity to move beyond the current sanctions regime even after it is canceled. Every state and firm considering business opportunities with Tehran will have to weigh them against the opportunity cost of being barred from doing business with the US.

Iran for its part may walk away from the deal entirely if Congress acts in this manner. If it does, then the US will not be obligated by any of the deal’s requirements. The continued viability of the Security Council resolution will be something for the lawyers to argue over.

The devil in Obama’s deal with Iran is not in the mind-numbing details, but in the big picture. The deal guarantees Iran will get the bomb. It gives the Iranian regime $150b.

To secure these concessions, Obama has trampled congressional authority.

If the American people think this doesn’t advance their national interest, they should encourage their congressional representatives to ditch Corker-Cardin and use their full authority, as a co-equal branch of the government, to scupper it.



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