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IPT Exclusive: Jihad-Supporting Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour

by John Rossomando and Ravi Kumar

A Syrian Sunni sheik who raised at least $3.6 million during a U.S. fundraising tour last April has blessed a new coalition of Syrian jihadist groups aiming to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic state.

Sheik Osama al-Rifai, who raised the money for the Franklin, Mich.-based Syrian Sunrise Foundation, endorsed the creation of the Islamic Front in a Nov. 22 YouTube video. The front represents a merger of seven jihadist groups fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Many of them have ties to al-Qaida.

“The unification of these great Islamist and jihadist groups is not a normal piece of news, but is a great event that brings the happiness and thrill to every Muslim, not only in Syria but in the whole Islamic world,” al-Rifai said in remarks translated by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. “I congratulate this brilliant news; I congratulate the brothers who formed it. I cannot say that we bless this group because it is they who should be blessed by them.”

Al-Rifai visited mosques and Islamic community centers in cities across America. He spoke at fundraising dinners on Sunrise Foundation’s behalf in TampaMiami, theChicago areaDallas, Crown Point, Ind., Los Angelesa Detroit suburb called Noviand Meadowlands, N.J.

In Dallas, he said that anyone who works to raise awareness about what is happening in Syria was “a jihadist for Allah.”

“Those who are subjecting themselves to martyrdom for the sake of god and who defend themselves and their families, not only them who are performing the jihad, but every single Muslim, Arab, and Syrian who has sympathy toward what happens in Syria,” Al-Rifai said. “Every single one of you who give any kind of effort to help his brothers in Syria is a jihadist for Allah, every single one of you who spread the word to raise the awareness among the others about what’s happening in Syria is a jihadist for Allah.

“I would love to address my brothers who are in charge of the organizations here likeShaam Relief, and Syrian Sunrise Foundation, you must be very aware that you are too performing jihad just like your brothers in Syria.”

Calls seeking comment from the Investigative Project to the Syrian Sunrise Foundation and its President Ahmad Alabas were not returned.

The United States and United Kingdom suspended all non-lethal aid to rebels in northern Syria Wednesday, after the Islamic Front took over bases that had belonged to the western-backed Free Syrian Army. Officials fear the existing supplies could fall into the jihadists’ hands. That assistance could include items such as radios, body armor, transportation and night-vision goggles.

The Syrian Sunrise Foundation’s Facebook page states that al-Rifai helped raise $1.5 million in Tampa, $280,000 in Miami, $320,000 in Indiana, and $1.5 million in the Detroit area.

He spoke April 5 at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Ill. Two mosque leaders,Kifa Mustapha and Jamal Said, were implicated in a previous terror-support investigation. Said appears on a telephone list for the “Palestine Committee,” a Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group charged with supporting Hamas politically and financially. Mustapha was a paid fundraiser for one of the committee’s branches, raising more than $300,000 for the Holy Land Foundation. Five foundation officialswere convicted in 2008 of providing material support for Hamas….


Hamas Official Pressured Father into Honor Killing of Daughter Married Off at 14

By Daniel Greenfield

…On Friday, Sept. 20, 51 members of the Zeidan family signed a statement condemning the behavior of a female family member, 33-year-old Thamar Zeidan, for “disgraceful and outrageous acts.”

The statement from the Zeidan family added that the woman’s “repeated behavior … violated Allah’s law, customs and morality,” without elaborating on details. “[The father] failed to reform his family and evaluate their behavior,” the statement added. The extended family then disowned him and absolved itself of any tribal or legal obligations regarding him or his actions.

The following day, the woman’s father strangled her with a wire while she was taking an afternoon nap

Multiple eyewitnesses confirmed to Al-Monitor that the statement disowning the father had been posted on the walls of village houses and the door to the mosque, the largest religious and moral authority in Palestinian society.

“It is known that his girl had been married off early, before the age of 15. Her husband had divorced her approximately four years ago and she has two children — a 15-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son,” noted Abu Khalid.

Regarding the circumstances preceding the woman’s murder, multiple sources from the village told Al-Monitor that villagers had been spreading rumors about the woman after a drunken man from a nearby village broke into her home. The neighbors beat the man and ejected him from the house. This incident was followed by the release of the statement disowning her father, which was signed by the Hamas deputy in the Legislative Council, Abdel Rahman Zeidan.

So we have a mother of two children murdered because her father was given a choice between killing her or being cut off from the clan… which can be a death sentence of its own in a tribal society….




A university professor who believes there’s a relationship between terrorism and Islam has been accused of anti-Muslim bigotry by a prominent U.S. Muslim advocacy group that was founded by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. (CAIR can’t handle the truth. –ed.)

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint with the University of Central Florida against Professor Jonathan Matusitz, charging that his communications courses portray Islam in an inaccurate and biased way, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

CAIR – founded in 1993 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood who aspire to replace the U.S. government with an Islamic state – points to a video posted on Youtube of a lecture in a special series on terrorism at UCF in which Matusitz, 36, emphasizes the link between terrorism and Islamic culture.

The professor contends countries should resist the global spread of Islam.

“Why do so many Muslims, relative to other religions, want to kill us?” he asks in the video. “The answer is easy, very easy. It is seven letters –culture.”

Matusitz, who was given an award by his university for outstanding performance, also contends Islam cannot be changed.

“How can you change a movement in which you have 1.5 billion members? It’s impossible,” he says. “We just have to resist it and just elect people who are willing just to resist it and just be true American. That’s the only answer. We’re not going to change Islam.”

Matusitz, according to his bio on the UCF website, came to the U.S. from Belgium in 2000. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in 2006. He has 95 academic publications and more than 100 conference presentations to his credit and taught at a NATO-affiliated military base in Belgium.

CAIR touts itself as Muslim civil rights group, but federal prosecutors in 2007 named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to fund Hamas, and more than a dozen CAIR leaders have been charged or convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928 in Egypt after the demise of the Ottoman Empire with the aim of resurrecting the Islamic caliphate and helping establish the global rule of Islam, as taught in the Quran…



Hamas: We are Not Terrorists; We Just Want to Destroy Israel

by Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas leaders are working hard these days to have their movement removed from the U.S. State Department list for Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

The Hamas leaders are hoping to persuade a number of European Union countries to support their bid.

Hamas wants to be removed from the list without changing its strategy or charter, which call for jihad [holy war] and which do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas is also not prepared to dismantle its armed group, Izaddin al-Kassam, as part of its effort to persuade the US and EU to drop it from the list of terrorist groups.

Nor is Hamas prepared to stop smuggling weapons or give up thousands of rockets and mortars that it possesses in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

And of course Hamas is not prepared to renounce violence in the context of its effort to seek legitimacy in the international community.

The Hamas initiative comes at a time when senior officials of the movement, including Khaled Mashaal, continue to talk about their dream of replacing Israel with an Islamic state. In addition, they are continuing to call on Palestinians to abide by the “armed resistance” as the only option for achieving their goal.

Ironically, the Hamas request to be removed from the list of terrorist groups coincides with reports about the Islamist movement’s involvement in terror activities in neighboring Egypt.

According to these reports, Hamas was behind the August 2012 killing of 16 Egyptian border guards in Sinai. Hamas has also dispatched thousands of its men to Cairo to protect Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi against his political opponents, the reports revealed.

Although Hamas has denied the reports, there are increased signs that the movement is cooperating with other Islamic fundamentalist groups in Sinai to turn the peninsula into a base for jihadists from different parts of the world. Some of these jihadists are believed to be linked to groups that are affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Hamas claims that it has won the secret backing of a number of EU governments — a claim denied by the EU….


Obama’s ‘Friends of Hamas’?

By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

….Even more alarming, as Steven Emerson and John Rossomatndo make clear in a must-read analysis of John Brennan’s record published last week by the indispensable Investigative Project on Terrorism (http://www.investigativeproject.org/3902/obama-cia-nominee-john-brennan-wrong-for-the-job), the CIA Director-designate himself actually agreed to demands made in 2011 by CAIR and other Islamist and leftist groups to politicize the training of intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security and military personnel.  In a letter dated November 3rd of that year, Brennan promised that an interagency review and new guidelines would “address the valid concerns” raised by this insidious Red-Green axis.

Among other things, the guidelines promulgated under Brennan’s supervision required the purging of hundreds of documents and training materials from the files of the FBI and other agencies on the grounds that they might “offend” Muslims like the Islamists of CAIR and other friends of Hamas.  Experienced trainers like Major Stephen Coughlin – a former advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and one of the nation’s preeminent experts on the enemy threat doctrine of shariah – were barred from providing instruction at the CIA and elsewhere.  And “community partners” (read, senior officials of CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood fronts who profess to be “leaders” of the Muslim-American community) are to be consulted before any trainers or training materials are used to prepare with federal funds to counter “violent extremism.”

Despite this record and myriad other examples of what is, at best, John Brennan’s willful blindness to the threat posed by Islamists and the jihad – both violent and previolent – in which shariah obliges them to engage, not a single member of the Senate Intelligence Committee used its hearing on his appointment last week to question the nominee on this score.  A second hearing on Tuesday, this one behind closed doors, offers another opportunity to do so.  Will it, too, be missed?

During the Cold War – our last epic struggle with a totalitarian ideology, it would have been unimaginable for individuals who were friends of the KGB, or associated with those who were, to have been nominated to lead the Pentagon or the CIA, let alone both.  As Congressman Trent Franks, a member of a courageous group Newt Gingrich has dubbed “the National Security Five,” said on the House floor last week:  “I believe the success of the [Muslim Brotherhood's] ‘stealth jihad’ has been significantly enhanced by remarks and public statements made by John Brennan over the past four years. He should, therefore, not be allowed anywhere near – let alone be given the responsibility for running– America’s premier intelligence agency.”  Amen.

Senator Jim Inhofe has said he will insist on there being sixty votes to confirm Chuck Hagel.  The same should apply to John Brennan and any other friend of Hamas. Because a true friend of Hamas is by definition an enemy of ours.



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