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Europe’s Last Stand: Trailer (World Screening, Sept 3rd 2014)


The Ongoing Islamization of Europe

By Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

ESW start small

….France is a special case. Algeria was an integral part of France for more than a hundred years, from the 1830s until the 1960s. After Algeria won its war for independence in 1962, Algerians who had remained loyal to France emigrated en masse to the former mother country. They were largely secular, but Islamic radicalism remains dormant indefinitely in any expatriate Islamic population. Three generations later, the descendants of those Algerians — who are native French citizens — are turning increasingly to jihad, and are among the “foreign fighters” who have traveled to Syria to fight in the civil war against the Assad regime.

To compound the problem, numerous other Muslim immigrants from various former French colonies in Africa have settled in France over the past two or three decades. As a result, major cities, especially Paris, are surrounded by a ring of suburbs euphemistically known as “Sensitive Urban Zones”. These are no-go zones for ordinary French citizens. Firefighters and ambulance drivers will not enter them without a police escort. The police themselves enter them only when absolutely necessary, and always in large numbers.

Whenever you see footage of “carbecues” and rock-throwing “youths” in media news reports about France, it is almost always shot in these Sensitive Urban Zones. They are, in effect, areas of the country that are no longer governed by France. The laws of the Fifth Republic have been superseded by Islamic law and tribal law, replicating the failed political structures of the Middle East and Africa.

Similar situations may be found to varying degrees in all the countries of Western Europe. From Gothenburg to Barcelona, from Glasgow to Vienna, large concentrations of Muslims with the same characteristics may be found. Women on the street are veiled. The shop signs are in Arabic, Urdu, and Turkish. All the supermarkets sell halal food only. Pork and alcohol are unavailable.

Non-Muslims who venture into these neighborhoods risk being surrounded, harassed, and beaten up by large groups of Muslim men. If they are unveiled females, they also risk sexual harassment and rape. All may expect to be told: “This is a Muslim area. You are not welcome here.”

Any incident that threatens the honor of a Muslim or hurts Islamic feelings may lead to violent demonstrations, rioting, looting, and arson. This is when you see cars burning in the suburbs of Malmö in Sweden, Oslo in Norway, Berlin in Germany, Brussels in Belgium, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, and Birmingham in England. This is when angry Muslims take to the streets with signs that read “Behead Those Who Insult the Prophet” or “Islam Will Dominate”.

This is also when presidents, prime ministers, and ministers of the interior appear on state television to reassure their non-Muslim citizens that Islam is a religion of peace, and that these rioters and arsonists do not represent the “real Islam”. They reassure their Muslim citizens — on whose votes they increasingly depend — that the government has pledged to spend more money on mosques, community outreach efforts, integration programs, and other forms of groveling appeasement towards the Islamic community.

“Official” Muslims — those who represent Muslim communities in government bodies, or appear as talking heads on state television — repeatedly “deplore” the intemperate words and violent actions of their “extremist” co-religionists. They tell their audience that such behavior actually goes against Islam. Even so, despite their bland reassurances, thousands upon thousands of Muslims keep taking to the street doing the same things, over and over. And politicians keep promising better integration and better education as preventive measures, over and over.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How insane are our political leaders?

As I mentioned earlier, I can say all these things because I am in the United States, and enjoy the protections of the First Amendment. If I were to say them in many Western European countries, I would risk prosecution. No matter how true they are. No matter the factual research. No matter the historical accuracy of anything I say.

The truth is no defense is most European courtrooms, when it comes to “hate speech” show trials. It certainly wasn’t in my case. If anything I say “denigrates” Islam, no matter how factual it is, then I have committed a crime….

Read it all

Sweden goes insane

Germany: Islamists Infiltrating Schools in Hamburg

by Soeren Kern

Muslim radicals are imposing Islamic norms and values in primary and secondary public schools in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, say school officials, who are asking for stepped-up monitoring of the Salafist groups thought to be behind the Islamization efforts.

At least 25 schools across Hamburg are believed to have been infiltrated by Salafists and other fundamentalist Muslim groups, according to German media reports. But local politicians from the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD)—a party committed to enforcing multiculturalism in Hamburg—have refused to disclose precisely which schools are affected.

Now, for the first time, a confidential report leaked to the German newspaper Bild identifies seven of the problem schools by name. The schools where Islamist fanatics are “waging a religious war” against non-Muslim teachers and classmates are located in districts across the city, the document says, but the situation in Mümmelmannsberg in eastern Hamburg is “particularly appalling” and “the focus of an organized strategy” by Islamists to recruit new followers.

Teachers and school administrators say that efforts by Muslim fundamentalists to run the schools “according to their own rules” have increased in recent months, and speculation is rife that the document was leaked by someone seeking to force city officials into taking more forceful action.

School principals are being pressured, among other demands, into setting up special prayer rooms for Muslim children, who are increasingly gathering for prayers and shouting Islamist slogans on school playgrounds. Girls are requesting exemptions from gym classes and swimming lessons, and are being harassed if they fail to dress according to Islamic norms.

Teachers at the Öjendorf District School and the An der Glinder Au primary school say that some Muslim parents are being asked by other Muslims to ensure their daughters are dressing according to Islamic standards. The pressure to conform to Islamic norms has been “especially great” at the Mümmelmannsberg District School, where teachers have observed gender discrimination, coercion on clothing issues and cases of religiously motivated violence….

Read it all

The Islamisation of England, One Town at a Time

By Paul Wilkinson

…After crossing the city centre and past Bradford University, I travelled about 1.5 miles along the Great Horton Road, through Little Horton which did not seem as deprived as Manningham did, but it was dominated by Pakistani-owned halal food outlets and Asian women’s clothing shops. Virtually none of the takeaways had the Food Standards Agency ‘Hygiene Rating’ sticker in the window, and when that is not visible it usually implies poor hygiene.

Only one other non-Muslim person was in the area, which really did make me feel like an outsider round there, and I felt uneasy when groups of Muslim men were walking behind me, heightened by the fact there was no reason for anyone who was not a Pakistani Muslim to visit an area which is purely Muslim with nothing to offer the non-Muslim Brit.

I turned left into Horton Park Avenue and saw the gigantic 8,000-capacity Suffa Tul Islam Central Mosque in the distance, which was totally out of context with its surroundings, dominating the skyline. It reminded me in some ways of photos of the Taj Mahal, and I was not surprised after discovering that the stone used had been imported from the very same quarry in India, from which the Taj Mahal was built.

Suffa Tul Islam Central Mosque, Horton Park Avenue. For perspective, the cars in the foreground are in a car park on the opposite side of the road. This 8,000-capacity mosque is enormous. Photo credit: Paul Wilkinson

After spending the evening elsewhere, I ventured back into Little Horton and walked down Great Horton Road again, and I must admit to being scared at times. I had the hood of my coat up for protection against the cold wind but felt very self-conscious when taking it down, especially when groups of men and youths came out of takeaways, and me being the only non-Muslim on the entire length of the road during my journey.

My visit to Bradford was a reminder of what I already knew regarding Muslim immigration, what the natives in Bradford already know and indeed what virtually everyone else knows, but not many people want to talk about it; namely that allowing Muslims to settle into the country has been a total failure for so many reasons.

Bradford is a lost city after having left Muslims virtually unhindered. The tipping point was years ago because of the sheer numbers and the result is that huge swathes of the city are a parallel Pakistani community. Apart from a short distance across the city centre, the 3-4 mile journey I took did not make me feel as though I was in West Yorkshire or northern England at all. The stone buildings were typical of Bradford, but the culture was not English. Within the Pakistani community itself it is divided to an extent according to Mirpur clans and different Islamic sects. There was much more to see but I could not take it anymore!

Nobody has done a thing to stop this, and so the situation has manifested itself and now Bradford is the vision of the future that many other English cities are sleepwalking towards. Unfortunately this is not the ‘end product’ because mass Muslim immigration is ongoing, andMuslims are currently procreating at double the pace of everyone else in Britain….




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