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ISIS in America: Radicalized in the Heartland

MUST READ: In Praise of ISIS’s Moral Clarity

From the comments: “There is nothing that ISIS has done that is not totally in accordance with Islam and the teachings of all Muslims’ “Perfect Man”, Mohammad, and the examples that he personally and repeatedly set. ISIS is just the latest of a long history of Islamic outbreaks. As long as the source tumor remains any “solutions” and respites will be limited and only temporary.

Islam itself, founded by a mass murdering, mass torturing, mass raping, mass enslaving misanthrope psychopath, all Muslim’s “Perfect Man”, is the greatest continuing crime against humanity the world has ever known.

At some point either Islam dies or humanity dies.

In the end, there can be only one.”

by Michael Walsh

The Gathering

The ongoing collapse of President Obama’s Middle Eastern foreign policy may, in fact, have a silver lining in ISIS, the so-called Islamic State, now gestating in what is left of the fictional country of “Iraq” and the only slightly less fictional country of “Syria.” Whether by accident born of ignorance and indolence, or design born of cultural affinity, Obama’s thorough trashing of the post-Bush order in Iraq (and, soon enough, in Afghanistan, where the last Marines left on Sunday), has done the world a signal favor that ought to be appreciated and acted upon: it has destroyed the Sykes-Picot Agreementthat stood for nearly a century, and bequeathed the modern world so much trouble.

It has also awakened part of the senescent West to the raw barbarism of radical Islam: not simply the beheadings, the rapes and the murders, but the cultural destruction that inevitably follows in the wake of Mohammedan conquest. Say what you will about the Moonies, the Scientologists and the Amish — none of them wants to burn down art galleries and opera houses. But totalitarian Islam does. The Taliban’s demolition of the Bamayan Buddhas in March of 2001 should have served as a warning for the horror that were to come just six months later; now, the ancient Christian communities (which long predate the invention of Islam) have been scattered, along with the priceless cultural artifacts of Mesopotamian civilization. But that is what you get when an alien ideology takes control.

One would think this behavior is self-evidently indefensible, but of course in the burgeoning western suicide cult that is liberal Europe and America, it’s merely hideously fascinating and, at root, justifiable; after all, if we don’t have it coming, who does? As ISIS spreads across what we used to call the “cradle of civilization,” a glance at a map ought to alert everyone to the danger…


The Lone-Wolf Canard


…We could go on at great length because there are many such verses, elaborated on with even greater ferocity in collections of the prophet’s words and deeds, which also have scriptural standing. It should by now go without saying that there are ways of interpreting Islam that seek to nullify its palpable bellicosity, and millions of Muslims do just that. But there are also millions who do not. The latter are not a fringe; as recently observed by Ayad Jamal al-Din, the Iraqi intellectual and Shiite cleric, their repressive sharia supremacism represents a mainstream construction of Islam, backed by 14 centuries of tradition and scholarship.

A Muslim does not wake up one day and spontaneously decide to commit mass-murder. No one is radicalized out of thin air. Muslims are radicalized by the doctrine. To be sure, there is often an intermediary between the doctrine and the person who becomes a terrorist – it might be a terrorist organization in the field or an extremist imam in the mosque. But it could also very well be the jihadist literature a person reads while alone in his room. Such literature is liberally available on the Internet and in countless American mosques and Islamic community centers. It is a staple of Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination efforts, and the Saudi regime – to take the most notorious example – has spent billions of dollars propagating it worldwide.

New York, Ottawa, Quebec, Oklahoma, Fort Hood . . . The “lone wolf” canard no longer conceals the harsh reality: The violence in “violent extremism” is terrorism even if performed alone; and what the “wolf” is “extreme” about is Islam.


Islamic jihad has come to our streets. Will we fight back?


….These individuals are responding to a call for such savagery based on the violent ideology of Islam – no more of this cutesy talk about being radicalized. It is indeed the theocratic-political totalitarian imperialist ideology of the warlord Mohammad they are following – no perversion, as it is written in the Koran and Hadiths. We are simply reticent to admit exactly what this is because it does not make us comfortable. We’re faced with reality and proof positive, yet we strain to refer to this in every possible manner except for what it is – well at least, some do.

I was so doggone proud of the Canadian Prime Minister who stared into the camera eye and told his people – and the world – the truth that what happened was an act of terrorism. Yet, our own president continues to admonish us not to rush to judgment and will lecture us at some point – “ISIS is not Islamic, let me be clear, Islam teaches peace” – and classify another Islamic jihadist attack as “workplace violence.”

Is that how we refer to the murder of young Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey? It’s appalling that even now after all the declarations of Nidal Hasan, the Obama administration still calls his jihadist attack “workplace violence.” There is only one deduction – Barack Hussein Obama is scared to confront this enemy or he embraces this enemy and seeks to desensitize us to their nefarious intent – an Islamist sympathizer.

Answer me this question, who of you would ever have thought we’d live in an America where our citizens are being beheaded and law enforcement officers attacked by a hatchet? Where our men and women on a military installation would be gunned down while the assailant shouted “Allahu Akhbar?” Is this the “fundamentally transformed” America as promised by Barack Hussein Obama?

I assure you the personal attacks by Obama’s progressive socialist acolytes will never silence me. As a matter of fact, they only strengthen my resolve. I will not sit back and watch my country fall to the guerrilla attacks as Thompson’s website mentioned – and we will not surrender as Thompson believed.

Political correctness and cultural relativism is as infectious as Ebola and if not treated, leads to the undermining of an entire society and its culture. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio was more concerned with “fairness” and eliminated two vital programs: stop and frisk, and the Islamic center surveillance program. I don’t care about folks who decry “profiling” – it’s actually trend analysis and it works.

I’m quite sure the progressive socialist Left would have no issue monitoring a Christian church if the shoe were on the other foot. Case in point: how often do we hear the Left resurrect Timothy McVeigh – again, relativism. I find it ironic that the sermons of Christian pastors are subpoenaed but Islamic centers and mosques are protected. I guess we know whose lobby is more effective with the Obama administration.

As I have stated previously, it’s time to hold the Muslim community accountable, including imams, mullahs, mosques and Islamic centers. Time to stop allowing imams and mullahs access to our prisons until we eliminate the problem with homegrown jihadism. It’s time for Facebook and Twitter to be held accountable – heck, they shut down our website for 48 hours because we printed the words of President Lyndon Baines Johnson – yet they’re allowing this hateful and seditious speech and proclamations to be made – whose side is Zuckerberg on? Yes, I’m a firm supporter of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech – I ain’t supporting sedition, or if an American, treason…



American Jihad Black Supremacy Style

by Dawn Perlmutter


…One of the primary reasons law enforcement, the media and the public almost always interpret these inexplicable acts as a form of mental illness is that violence in American culture is understood in the context of a Western rational worldview that can only fathom bizarre aberrant acts as the result of a psychologically disturbed individual. Even after overwhelming evidence demonstrates that violent incidents are committed in the goal of jihad, the offender is still widely considered to be an emotionally disturbed person whose mental illness made him vulnerable to jihadist messaging.

It is simply too frightening to comprehend that beheadings and axe attacks are the result of a rational choice to kill designated enemies in the name of Islam. It is much easier to sleep at night if you assume that this is just two crazy disaffected loners instead of followers of an organized international religious movement comprised of thousands of true believers who are willing to kill and die on the orders of their charismatic leader, particularly when those orders are delivered via twitter.

Investigations into these crimes are hindered by justice department policies that ban the use of race, religion and ethnicity in profiling by law enforcement officers. In addition to these politically correct impediments, FBI profiling is inherently problematic. The field of psychological profiling is based on Western behavioral analysis theories that interpret criminal behavior as a form of psychopathology. Ironically, criminal behavioral analysis is one of the few academic fields that has not implemented culturally diverse methodologies. Behavioral analysis utilizes a Western outsider perspective that interprets offenders’ violence and motivations based on the premise that concepts of deviant behavior and personality traits and disorders are universal. Culture, race and religion are not primary necessary criteria for psychological profiling. Therefore Nolen and Thompson are viewed as disturbed individuals who were psychologically and socially vulnerable to bad influences, hence predisposed to violence and radicalization….

…On September 21, when the Islamic State called on its followers to kill disbelievers, especially police and military, it activated both men. They did not use guns, they chose a knife and an axe, the weapons of beheadings. There can be no doubt that Thompson was attempting to behead the NYPD officers. Historically an axe is one of the most prevalent methods of beheading, tactically it was more efficient than a small knife, symbolically much more provocative than gunshot wounds, it garnered much more attention to the cause of global jihad.

Black supremacist ideologies that blame slavery, colonialism and the white man’s oppression made Nolen and Thompson uniquely susceptible to Islamic State propaganda and violent attacks. Black supremacist ideology continually reinforces the idea that blacks have been shamed, humiliated and harassed by whites, often alleging police brutality. This new virulent strain of lone wolf attacks is the blowback from post-colonial, multicultural, anti-American theories that promote class warfare and foment anger and feelings of oppression.

The Islamic State offers what every Black supremacist movement has promised: vengeance against the white man, a way to restore black peoples’ honor, alleviate their shame andto  die a heroic death in the goal of overthrowing America. A new breed of American jihad has evolved. U.S. cities and prisons are filled with disgruntled angry black supremacists who are ripe for recruitment and the FBI is prohibited from using race and religion in profiling future lone wolf terrorist attacks.


The Management of Savagery

by Mark Tapson


If there is a positive side to the rise of ISIS, it is that the West has had its head jerked from the sand and has been made to witness a bottomless, bloodthirsty evil: crucifixions, beheadings, enslavement of women, live burial of children, mass executions. Even John Kerry, a man not known for grasping (or admitting) the truth about jihad, acknowledges that this brutality “underscores the degree to which [ISIS] is so far beyond the pale with respect to any standard by which we judge even terrorist groups.” But as one analyst writes, this violence is not “whimsical, crazed fanaticism, but a very deliberate, considered strategy” – one that seems to derive in part from a book called The Management of Savagery.

In the spring of 2004 a strategist who called himself Abu Bakr Naji published online The Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage Through Which the Ummah Will Pass (later translated from the Arabic by William McCants, a fellow at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center). The book – what theWashington Post calls the Mein Kampf of jihad – aimed to provide a strategy for al-Qaeda and other jihadists. “The ideal of this movement,” wrote Lawrence Wright in The New Yorker, “as its theorists saw it, was the establishment of a caliphate that would lead to the purification of the Muslim world.”

Naji believed that a civil war within Islam would lead to that Sunni caliphate, so he recommended a merciless campaign of violence in Muslim lands to polarize the population, expose the inability of the state to maintain control, attract followers, and create a spreading network of “regions of savagery.”

“The management of savagery” refers to controlling the chaos that results from that breakdown of order. The requirements for the administration of savagery are:

  • Establishing internal security
  • Providing food and medical treatment
  • Securing the borders against the invasion of enemies
  • Establishing Sharia law
  • Establishing a fighting society at all levels and among all individuals.

The manifesto proposes that the jihadists exhaust an overstretched America through a patient war of attrition and a manipulation of the media to dismantle the superpower’s “aura of invincibility.” It demands that the enemy be made to “pay the price” for any and all attacks carried out against the jihadists, even if the retribution takes years, in order to instill in the enemy “a sense of hopelessness that will cause him to seek reconciliation.” No mercy must be shown: “Our enemies will not be merciful to us if they seize us. Thus, it behooves us to make them think one thousand times before attacking us.”….

…In Naji’s conclusion, he stresses that “our battle is a battle of tawhid [the oneness of Allah] against unbelief and faith against polytheism. It is not an economic, political, or social battle.” [Emphasis added] The recent documentary feature released by ISIS called Flames of War, used as a recruiting tool for Muslim brethren in the West, confirms their religious aim and motivation. In addition to missing the memo about Islam meaning peace, apparently Naji also neglected to read all the memos from Western apologists about Islamic terrorism being spawned by poverty and Western oppression and exploitation.

Unfortunately, it seems that President Obama and Secretary Kerry, who continue to insist that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, never got Abu Bakr Naji’s memo either – the one entitled The Management of Savagery.


The Joy of Killing for Allah

Why our “messaging” won’t stop terror.

By Ralph Peters

The educated, privileged, and protected believe, against millennia of evidence, that all human problems can be resolved through discussion. We might as well expect Atlantis to rise from the sea at the solstice, teeming with wizards and ad-free social media. Throughout history, the only effective response to remorseless force has been resolute force. Strategy’s prime currency is blood.

We’d prefer to chat….

….Our folly has grown so absurd that terrorist chieftains find it cause for merriment. When President Obama insisted in a public response to ritual beheadings that “That isn’t Islam!” the leaders of the Islamic State Caliphate (which, pace Obama, is all too real) collapsed in laughter. After wiping tears of mirth from their eyes, they mocked our chief executive exuberantly, asking when Mr. Obama became a qadi, an Islamic judge, or a Koranic scholar.

Consider our president’s utter lack of perspective (to say nothing of his self-importance): If the king of Saudi Arabia announced that Americans weren’t true Christians, how would we respond? And no, Obama’s childhood contact with syncretic Javanese Islam did not make him an expert on the stultifying bigotries and cruelty of Islam as practiced in its dreary heartlands. Like it or not, the Islam of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the rest is, indeed, a branch of the faith — because Muslims believe it is. Neo-Wahhabi fanaticism certainly is not all of Islam, but we lack the authority, credibility, or evidence to declare it un-Islamic. If Muslim fanatics justify their atrocities by citing the Koran, befuddled presidents and nervous prime ministers don’t get to contradict them.

The final nail in the “messaging” coffin is the fanatics’ easy dominance of the media. All of us associated with the news business immediately become hostages when word breaks of a significant (or simply titillating) terrorist event. On October 22, a lone terrorist with a rifle not only brought Canada’s capital to a standstill but became an instant star of global jihad. We in the media had to cover and comment on the event — that’s what the news business is about — but our unavoidable, all-but-exclusive focus on the unfolding attack gave the murderer-for-Allah riveting international publicity. Islamist terror got more air time for the price of one self-radicalized thug than any political candidate facing our midterm elections has managed to pay for.

The ubiquity of the news guarantees the ubiquity of copy-cats (whether lone-wolf terrorists or gun-wielding teens with mood swings). An individual determined to kill publicly can command the attention of a nation, even the world. The message to misfits everywhere of last week’s Ottawa tragedy was, “You can not only have your revenge, you can be a superstar.”

What messaging of ours would have deterred that shooter from running, armed, toward Parliament? What argument of ours might have discouraged the recent convert who ran down two Canadian soldiers (killing one) a few days earlier? Or the Tsarnaevs of Boston? Or Major Hassan of Fort Hood? Or the hijackers of 9/11?

Islamist fanaticism offers the powerless, bitter, and hopeless license on earth and luxury in paradise. We’re scolds who offer minimum-wage jobs.

Is the terrorist recruit truly irrational?



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